[WWI] Under construction

iban ibancorp at TDS.net
Thu Feb 15 19:14:17 EST 2007

rofl dennis.  thank you for helping me preserve my illusions about my 
competence as a wwi modeler.  (i really am quite competent when i 
actually manage to do some building.  honest!)

quick everyone, agree loudly and heartily with this wise gentleman, 
otherwise my self esteem may be irreparably damaged and i may never get 
around to actually completing a build. 



Dennis Ugulano wrote:
> iban,
>    Never in all of my days did I imply that you were like the rest.  
> All of us know that your reasons are valid, right everyone?
>    Now you make me feel warm and fuzzy all over when you say I give 
> you hope.  I'm glad I don't dash your hope.
>    Oh, # 150 is not a SPAD.  Think exotic, rare.  Can't give too many 
> clues.  All of you are too sharp.
> Dennis
> email:  djuggie(at)comcast(dot)net
> http://wwi.priswell.com/
> Page Revised 7/8/2006
> "Each modeler will rise to their own level
> of masochism."

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