[WWI] Merlin kits

Stuart L. Malone smalone at kc.rr.com
Thu Feb 15 18:58:23 EST 2007


Should have said DH5.  All the parts look the proper thickness for  
1/32nd scale.  If you build it straight out of the box, as I did 20  
years ago, it looks almost like one of those cartoon planes.   
Fortunately, I have another one on the shelf.  Damn thing has so much  
lead up front (cowl, engine, prop) paired with the reverse stagger  
top wing, and the kit barely sits on it's tail skid!  The slightest  
touch causes it to nose over.  (I wonder if the real thing was just  
as bad.....)  When I build #2, I'll make sure to counterweight the tail.

Stuart L. Malone

On Feb 15, 2007, at 5:21 PM, Paul Thompson wrote:

> If you want to make a Rumpler for example just buy any german  
> biplane and
> start carving.
> Ray
> Bad example, Ray. I have the Merlin Rumpler C.III/IV kit. It is  
> excellent.
> Easily in the same league as Pegasus for this example.
> OTOH, I have a 70% completed AEG G.IV that was one of the worst  
> misshapen
> globs of plastic when I opened the box.
> sp
> <Okay, take a Merlin DH.10 (my favourite unbuilt kit) and carve  
> away. Depend on temperature, phase of the moon, and blood alcohol  
> level, you could get: 1.) A very poor DH.10 and 3 metric tonnes of  
> toxic waste.    2.) An artichoke pizza with extra anchovies.or:     
> 3.A small holiday home in the Algarve.Don't see the problem really.  
> You win whatever way. Plus you get months of modelling 'goodness'.   
> (Although remember Dennis's rule of thimb - if the number on the  
> box/bag/dumper truck is less than 14, the kit is probably quite  
> good - sorry if I'm mis-quoting, Dennis).Paul T.

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