[WWI] Merlin kits

Nicklas, Brian NicklasB at si.edu
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That "splains a lot Lucy"
The Junkers J.I I have may have corrugated wings, but the trailing edges
are thicker than the leading edges.  And I recall that the fuselage
halves were of two sizes.
That said, I think the Boeing 40 I still have is buildable.
I may have still a Lockheed Vega, but I'd class it as buildable-just
 - Brian

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Its a well known fact that Merlin had a great scam going, they printed
labels, instructions etc of many different aircraft. The contents of the
boxes all of which were the same size, were the same hunk of plastic
bore no resemblance to any known aircraft. In fact they had 3 production
lines. Monoplanes, Biplanes and Triplanes the latter got extra hunks of
plastic to carve your model from.

If you want to make a Rumpler for example just buy any german biplane
start carving.


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