[WWI] Pup!

J.R. Boye hopeandmercy at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 15 01:35:26 EST 2007

 Sounds like you have been looking for a Pup for quite a while, Tracy ! Glad I could help.
  Don't forget to make the fuselage cut out in front of the rudder post and the one behind the engine for the exhaust :-)
    I'm sorry some of the parts had paint on them, but I knew you could deal with that.

                                        Have fun with this stuff ! I'll let you know when the Macchi arrives.


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From: tracy hancock <atlporkchop at yahoo.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 8:14:23 PM
Subject: [WWI] Pup!

My Pup was waiting for me when I got home (as well as
a Halbie and a Rumpler DF). Thanks J.R.!!!
I spent a good deal of time going over the Pup kit (I
was gonna say 'fondling the Pup' but that's just
gross) but rather than start it I got to work
finishing an (ot alert) RWD-8. Look for details on
that one in the March IM. Heck, maybe the Pup too, it
looks to be an easy build.
cheers, tracy (who quit his second job and will be
staying at home building models because he'll be
broke.. but happy)

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