[WWI] Guidance appreciated

iban ibancorp at TDS.net
Wed Feb 14 15:01:08 EST 2007

Frazer Wright wrote:
> I'm new to the list - indeed, new to modelling after a 20 year gap

welcome, frazer. 
> I may well delve into WW1 modelling, something I always fancied, 

delve, delve!  :)

> but never took up, largely because  I am the type who wants all the 
> fact and photos to hand
> before even starting a model.

consider the issues of space for building and display.  consider also 
what will get you to the part of the process you like most, the 
quickest.  it's a hobby.  the point is to enjoy it.  which choice will 
you enjoy most?  based on your comment about references, i can promise 
you will feel right at home on this list no matter which route you 
choose.  :)


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