[WWI] Trip to France

iban ibancorp at TDS.net
Wed Feb 14 15:01:02 EST 2007

Crawford Neil wrote:
> Only the other day, our minister for education was telling us that
> everyone knows that Lindberg was the first to fly the atlantic. He's probably never heard of either the US team commanded by Read in the Curtiss NC4's or Alcock&Brown.
> Or the couple of airships and the Portugese crew who flew the South
> Atlantic in Fairey IIID's (OT!)
> And he's probably only heard of Lindberg because of his Swedish
> ancestry. 
> But this all neither here nor there.
true, but it will still be interesting to monitor reader mail responses 
to see if anyone else picks up that the minister for education doesn't 
know what he's talking about. 

if you play it right, you should be able to have the swedish media 
equivalent of al gore spelling potato.

iban.  (suffering from topic drift today.  sorry all.)

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