[WWI] NYP WAS: Trip to France

tracy hancock atlporkchop at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 14 12:45:27 EST 2007

hi Michael, Neil and all,
yes, I looked at your Snipe article once I decided I
needed one. I may build both the Snipe and Pup at the
same time, after all, both of mine will be King's Cup
Is there an build article on the Arfix Pup?
Now I think I'll read the Snipe article again while I
eat my PB&J lunch.
cheers, tracy

I too recommend the Toko Snipe.  One of my earliest
builds after I got 
into modelling. It is featured as a simple out of the
box build at:


Not a contest winner by any stretch of the imagination
though Brent did 
place at the Nationals with his rendition.


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