[WWI] Guidance appreciated

Douglas Anderson djandersonza at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 14 11:52:39 EST 2007

I too have an article on the build. I honestly have no idea who wrote it or magazine etc, but if you give me your details offlist, I will either scan and e-mail or photocopy and mail the article to you. Thanks Joel for reminding me.

Joel Christy <jbarchristy at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:  Hi Frazer,

Welcome to the club. If I were you I'd build the SE 5a, it would make a great centre piece! I have Ray Rimell's article from Scale Models, December 1983 and although it isn't a finished build, it is inspiring. If you want it contact me offsite and I can send a photocopy.



Frazer Wright wrote:
I'm new to the list - indeed, new to modelling after a 20 year gap, when
earning a living as a self employed person took priority.

I disposed of a large number of kits, but kept much of my reference material
(now partly out of date, but still useful). Now I am retired I may well
delve into WW1 modelling, something I always fancied, but never took up,
largely because I am the type who wants all the fact and photos to hand
before even starting a model., This was much more difficult in the 1975-180
period than it is now in these post-Windsock days.

Enough of the prelim crap. I did keep ONE kit - the Hasegawa 1/8 scale SE5A,
which was a gift to me at the time my employer shut down (it was a nice

I can find little about this kit on the net except for what appear to me to
be quite staggering prices. My question is simple - is the kit so good that
I should keep and and, one day, make it at all costs, or should I sell it,
boxed, contents unopened, and invest in a dozen (or more) 1/48 kits and
accompanying Windsocks.

Please - no offers or bids at this stage. The kit has been in my loft for
nearly 25 years - I am in no hurry to part with it.

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