[WWI] NYP WAS: Trip to France

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 14 11:26:20 EST 2007


I too recommend the Toko Snipe.  One of my earliest builds after I got back 
into modelling. It is featured as a simple out of the box build at:


Not a contest winner by any stretch of the imagination though Brent did 
place at the Nationals with his rendition.


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>Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 17:09:27 +0100
> >What should I build first.... the Airfix Pup, the Toko
> >Snipe or go all out and do an AEG G.IV??? I'm leaning
> >towards the former two, as I do not have any British
> >aircraft in my collection.
> >cheers, tracy
>As none of the choices are Spads, I'll place my vote on the Snipe,
>because the AEG could bog you down seriously, and I've seen lots
>of Pups but not so many Snipes, and finally knowing you, a Snipe
>in civilian dress would be really nice.
>/Neil C.

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