[WWI] Will the Aeroclub jig ever return?

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
Wed Feb 14 11:19:44 EST 2007

Yes, mine are plane specific too, and I've also made mine from all sorts
of things ranging from pencils to humbrol cans. 
The question is if the initial building time and cost of the Aeroclub
will pay off
compared to individual jigs. I suppose it depends on how many models you
build and how much money one wants to spend. Another aspect is which is
most fun,
I enjoyed cutting and glueing, but I'm sure I would have enjoyed
around with all those aeroclub bits too.
/Neil C.


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I have made jigs in the past out model kit boxes. The card stock was was
and glued to a card stock base. Everthing was held in place by rubber
Each jig was plane specific.

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> It really is dead easy to make a good jig by cutting and folding
> stiff card. I jigged up the Nieuport using old bus tickets which are
> fairly stiff card nowadays, by scoring and bending I made a couple of
> triangular profiles, with cutouts for the floats, these were glued to
> a square of glass with white glue, and thus the floats were locked in
> position. Later on I realised I needed more, so I built up some wing
> supports with overlays, to lock it all into place. The whole business
> didn't take more than an evening, and was a tremendous help in rigging
> and assembling. When I was finished with the jig, I ripped it apart
> threw it away, easy come easy go!
> I certainly recommend making a jig, either from
> Aeroclub or homemade, it doesn't really matter so long as you do it.
> Pictures are available on request.
> /Neil C.

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