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Dennis Ugulano djuggie at comcast.net
Wed Feb 14 09:41:12 EST 2007

Douglas, Ray,

    I don't mean to depress, I seek to inspire.  Look, the little guy can do 
it, so can I!  With that attitude, models will fly off you table as in war 
time production.  People will marvel when you walk by,
Diego will be looking for you with the finger chopper and no one on the list 
will like you.  Wait, that's not what I intended to do.  Now I'm depressed.

    #148 and 149 are Curtiss N-9H Jenny float planes.  One by Olimp and the 
other by Esocertic.  # 150 I will keep secret for a while longer.


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"Each modeler will rise to their own level
of masochism." 

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