[WWI] SE5a Question

Douglas Anderson djandersonza at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 14 07:32:27 EST 2007

It was used to wind up the rubber-band. 
  I have a photo of McCudden in the cockpit of his SE5 and teh crank is visble. So it isn't limited to the SE5a. nfortunately I do not have any of my information at my fingertips here, so I am afraid I cannot help you with what its purpose was.

John Ratzenberger <JohnRatzenberger at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Looking through photos on the SE5a while working the Roden 1/32 kit, I "discovered" a small crank on the outside of the cockpit, 
right side, toward the rear. It is best illustrated on the first page of the WS SE5a DF Special. Photos of a restored SE5a 
show some kind of electric gizmo inside the cockpit about that location. I do not see it on all right side SE5a photos, just 
some. It is not on the WS 3-views.

What is it ?

John Ratzenberger

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