[WWI] Trip to France

dave fleming dave.fleming at dial.pipex.com
Wed Feb 14 05:16:53 EST 2007

Quoting Shane Weier <bristolf2b at hotmail.com>:

> Newsflash:   Outside the USA Lindberg is now known only to died in the wool 
> aviation fanatics.
> His was a marvelous acheivement , but it's a long time ago, and his feat was
> never publicised (for example in Australia) as much as it was in his own 
> country.  What's more, even we aviation fanatics are inclined to remember 
> Alcock and Brown's crossing in 1919 over Lindberg's in 1927.

Very true, I remember being surprised by the enthusiasm that greeted Revell's 
new kit of his plane amongst US modelers (sp deliberate!)


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