[WWI] Will the Aeroclub jig ever return?

mkessler1 at cinci.rr.com mkessler1 at cinci.rr.com
Tue Feb 13 22:31:15 EST 2007

Joel said:

> He then proceeded to bring out an A4 sized box whic was full 
> of a load of brass bits that looked like a Meccano set(Erector set 
> to many of you) and showed me how his latest version would work. 
> Using a partially built Aeroclub F2B he showed how it all fit to 
> gether. It is an impressive bit of engineering that can be 
> adjusted ever which way but loose! There are bits to hold the 
> wing, the fuselage and the tail surfaces and all adjustable with 
> spacers and screws. Bits are stamped with numbers and letters to 
> keep the user from getting mixed up. Really quite amazing.

Sounds nice, especially to someone with eyes as bad as mine (getting 
tail surfaces lined up is... interesting).  Did it leave any room to 
get at the aircraft to rig, etc?


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