[WWI] SE5a Question

Mark Shannon shingend at ix.netcom.com
Tue Feb 13 20:43:11 EST 2007

Isn't that where the magneto crank is on an SE5?

Mark Shannon
shingend at ix.netcom.com

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> From: John Ratzenberger <JohnRatzenberger at yahoo.com>
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> Date: 2/13/2007 5:01:23 PM
> Subject: [WWI] SE5a Question
> Looking through photos on the SE5a while working the Roden 1/32 kit, I
"discovered" a small crank on the outside of the cockpit, 
> right side, toward the rear.  It is best illustrated on the first page of
the WS SE5a DF Special.  Photos of a restored SE5a 
> show some kind of electric gizmo inside the cockpit about that location. 
I do not see it on all right side SE5a photos, just 
> some.  It is not on the WS 3-views.
> What is it ?
> Thanks,
> John Ratzenberger

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