[WWI] Trip to France

Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Tue Feb 13 17:23:27 EST 2007


I remember seeing a display on Lindbergh, Nungesser and other "Grand Raids"
on my first visit there, but it was replaced with one on early balllooning
next time I visited the museum.

Another fascinating Paris museum is "Arts et Metiers" - the old Science
Museum where they have a number of pre-WW1 aircraft, including the one
Bleriot used on the first flight across the English Channel.

Knut Erik

>When I was there for a day in 2000 though, there 
>was, in my mind, one marked omission. I found 
>absolutely nothing about Lindbergh's 
>transatlantic flight. I was under the impression 
>that the French cared when he arrived from New 
>York, and hoped that perhaps maybe his long 
>missing flying helmet and a few scraps of fabric 
>might be on display. It seemed so odd to me that 
>I just assumed I missed an entire wing of the museum.

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