[WWI] ot: Windows Vista (Was UK second hand shop)

Magnus Berggren carius at comhem.se
Mon Feb 12 10:27:59 EST 2007

I would say that it depends on the machine you have.
I love it, but I also spend between 15-20 thousand kronor ($2-3000) a year 
to keep my hardware up to scratch.
For the people who are interested in gaming, Vista is a must, since DX10 
only works in Vista, with no exceptions.
It is very nice looking, performs smooth, and I havn´t had any stability 
problems with it at all. The upgrade went surpricingly troublefree, and it 
took less than hours to feel reasonable at home in the system.
If you decide to try it, spend the extra money to get the Ultimate version, 
since a lot of things have been taken away in the more basic versions. For 
normal users, I would recommend Ultimate OEM, and for the enthusiast 
Ultimate Upgrade. The ones that are totally sure to not use all the extras 
in Ultimate can be OK with Home Premium, but the difference in price are not 
worth it, IMHO.
When it comes to over-rated, over-priced, memory-resource-hog tool, I don´t 
agree with Mr Kendix.;-)
I have run it since the earliest betas, and have always found it to be quite 
nice on the hardware. If compared to how demanding XP or OSX was when 
compared to earlier versions, I find Vista to just follow the usual trend. 
But since people get angry if the cant use their old hardware with the 
latest OS, I would say that the critic is pretty much expected.....


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> Magnus, is Windows vista worth the cost and the trouble of changing
> do you think?
> /Neil C.
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> I remember some UK webstore that was dealing with second hand models and
> magazines. I bought some of the older Eduard 1/48 kits from them, and a
> lot
> of magazines as well. Lost the link during my upgrade to Windows Vista
> though. Anybody that knows of it?
> /Magnus

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