[WWI] Trip to France

Andy Bannister a.bann at ntlworld.com
Mon Feb 12 07:22:19 EST 2007


> Paris is not Chicago nor NY
> But you need to go there to really understand just how not-Chicago etc.
> Le Bourget is a treat for WW1 aircraft fans. Probably the biggest single 
> collection of OT and pre-OT aircraft and AFAIK none are <shudder> replicas.  
> In any case,  my experience is that the collection is too large to be 
> thoroughly photographed in a single day despite being under a single roof

If I recall correctly, some of the pre-OT stuff are replicas, but very good ones. 

I might add too that the museum shop is as good or better than most retail hobby shops. They stock limited run, resins, vacs, decals, paints, books, etc., etc. With that and the gorgeous Parisian women I could quite happily retire there... :-)


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