[WWI] cutting strips [was re: vac wings]

iban ibancorp at TDS.net
Mon Feb 12 00:10:36 EST 2007

mark, when you're cutting strips of things, as opposed to marking two 
parallel lines, the way to avoid waste is to go back to a single blade, 
but glue a piece of plastic to the side of the blade that is the 
thickness you want your strips, as a spacer.  then, find a thick 
straight edge you can use just like a fence on a table saw (i use a 
piece of aluminum angle stock clamped beside my cutting surface).  put 
the material you're cutting into strips against the fence.  put the 
spacer on your blade against the fence.  slice.  remove the strip, put 
the cut edge of your stock against the fence again and repeat.  no waste 
and perfect identical strips of whatever you're cutting.

iban (keeping generations of screaming scottish genes happy)

Mark Shannon wrote:
> My only complaint is that I can never quite keep down the 'wastage' between parallel strips enough to satisfy the ghosts of generations of Scotsmen screaming in my genes.
> I just use the 'one light but firm stroke' method.  You don't want to cut through the backing on the decals, and the styrene strips just 'pop' off like vacuform pieces.
> .Mark Shannon.
> shingend at ix.netcom.com

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