[WWI] Trip to France

Eric Gallaud egallaud at club-internet.fr
Sun Feb 11 21:56:32 EST 2007

Hello Kevin,

Regarding Le Bourget museum, if you like WW1 planes ;-) , you must go 
there, in the 'grande gallerie', where are all of the WW1 planes they 
have. I spent one complete day with Shane Weier only in this room.
The link to their site : http://ns21156.ovh.net/~mae/
The link for the location : http://ns21156.ovh.net/~mae/index.php?id=36
It is close to CDG airport.
Take care, it is closed on Monday.

All the best

KLW a écrit :
> WOW!! Thanks for all the good info.  I wasn't planning on Paris (and
> Brussels is out of the question), but I may have to rethink.  Here is my
> tentative itinerary:  Fly to CDG on early Monday evening from Heathrow,
> drive to a motel in Chateau-Thierry for the night.  Tuesday visit the US
> Cemetery at Saint-Avold near Metz (my wife's uncle was KIA near Colmar and
> is buried there and she can't go as she has MS and is in a wheelchair, so I
> am going for her) then back to Verdun and stay there for the night.
> Wednesday, visit Verdun and just north of Verdun where my grandfather fought
> with the 29th Division, 111th Field Artillery, Battery B, then on to Albert
> and spend the night.  Thursday visit around the Somme then over to a nice
> hotel on the cliff at Etretat.  Friday to Arromanches and spend that day and
> Saturday around D-Day sites(my first cousin once removed was KIA at St. Lo
> and is buried at the US Cemetery at Omaha Beach).  Sunday, either to Paris
> for Sunday and Monday or over to Mont-St-Michel on Sunday and then Chartres
> on Monday.  Fly back to Heathrow on Tuesday.  It is an aggressive schedule,
> but I like to drive and want to pack as much in as I can.  
> So, tell me more about the Air Museum at Le Bourget.  I wasn't that keen on
> Paris till I heard that (I lived in Chicago and New York, so cities hold no
> real allure for me).
> And I am looking forward to finally using my 4 years of high school and 2
> years of college French.  If you hear of any severe international incidents
> in France the first week of May, you will have a good inkling that those
> French classes did not pay off.
> Thanks for all the help so far.  And, yes, I know I am a lucky bugger - I am
> so excited, I can hardly wait.
> Kevin

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