[WWI] Trip to France

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 11 20:36:44 EST 2007

>From: "Buz Pezold" <pezo8481 at bellsouth.net>
>      So are you a 'Hemingway' aficionado?

Not so much an aficionado but I enjoyed him enough to read 5 or 6 books. 
'Sun' set me off on a 2-year Pernod binge.
And I guess I should qualify that statment by saying prior to reading Sun, I 
binged on vodka, Jack Daniels, gin, tequila, Jeagermeister, beer, wine, 
mouthwash, moonshine, turpentine, etc.
After the Pernod years, I tried switching to scotch while I searched for 
Wanda, whom I found pretty quickly,(and often), which was good because I 
never really acquired a taste for scotch.
I then switched to Bushmills, not really searching for anyone. Still there.
But I digress.

>Buz (P.S.: I think you can find 'Lady Brett' in a bar down in Key West.
>"Sloppy Joe's" I believe.)

Doesn't sound like the Brett I was searching for. I did once meet a man who 
claimed to have met Beryl Markham in a bar in Africa towards the end of her 
life. She was a real mess, apparently.

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