[WWI] RFC/RNAS Queries

Christopher Malany cmm-saj at snet.net
Sun Feb 11 19:41:45 EST 2007

Hello, Dave:

Very interesting.  Many of Huntley's columns touch on
fascinating, forgotten details, and the theory is at
least plausible given the competition between - and
separate procurement by, the War Office and the

- Chris Malany
--- dave fleming <dave.fleming at dial.pipex.com> wrote:

> Quoting Ray B <fokkereiv at yahoo.ca>:
> > 
> > The RNAS were a bit slower in adoptng PC10/PC12
> My reading recently turned up a possible reason for
> that in an old Scale 
> Aircraft Modelling Ian Huntley column  - according
> to Mr Huntley, the War 
> Office patented the PC10 finish, and one result of
> the patent was that the RNAS 
> (being Admiralty) couldn't use PC10 as it would
> breach the patent! Colurs for 
> RNAS aircraft were known as 'Proprietory Khaki' and
> had a slightly different 
> composition.
> How true this is, I don't know!

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