[WWI] Trip to France

KLW winks147 at cox.net
Sun Feb 11 16:31:20 EST 2007

WOW!! Thanks for all the good info.  I wasn't planning on Paris (and
Brussels is out of the question), but I may have to rethink.  Here is my
tentative itinerary:  Fly to CDG on early Monday evening from Heathrow,
drive to a motel in Chateau-Thierry for the night.  Tuesday visit the US
Cemetery at Saint-Avold near Metz (my wife's uncle was KIA near Colmar and
is buried there and she can't go as she has MS and is in a wheelchair, so I
am going for her) then back to Verdun and stay there for the night.
Wednesday, visit Verdun and just north of Verdun where my grandfather fought
with the 29th Division, 111th Field Artillery, Battery B, then on to Albert
and spend the night.  Thursday visit around the Somme then over to a nice
hotel on the cliff at Etretat.  Friday to Arromanches and spend that day and
Saturday around D-Day sites(my first cousin once removed was KIA at St. Lo
and is buried at the US Cemetery at Omaha Beach).  Sunday, either to Paris
for Sunday and Monday or over to Mont-St-Michel on Sunday and then Chartres
on Monday.  Fly back to Heathrow on Tuesday.  It is an aggressive schedule,
but I like to drive and want to pack as much in as I can.  

So, tell me more about the Air Museum at Le Bourget.  I wasn't that keen on
Paris till I heard that (I lived in Chicago and New York, so cities hold no
real allure for me).

And I am looking forward to finally using my 4 years of high school and 2
years of college French.  If you hear of any severe international incidents
in France the first week of May, you will have a good inkling that those
French classes did not pay off.

Thanks for all the help so far.  And, yes, I know I am a lucky bugger - I am
so excited, I can hardly wait.


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