[WWI] vac wings - I think they can be improved - part 2

Carlos Carreira carlos.carreira at netcabo.pt
Sat Feb 10 18:08:15 EST 2007

My solution is to create more volume on the underside with thin balsa 
(easily sanded) and cover it with very thin styrene.

I think the images talk for themselves, but I'll add some notes. I glued 
the balsa to the underside of the wing with epoxy, and let it dry for a 
night. No need to cover all the wing, just the concave part including a 
little over the leading edge. Next I sanded (I should have done a 
concave sanding block with balsa or so, but I didn't because i was in a 
hurry to prove my point) and after that I covered it with 0.1mm styrene. 
I got this from the plastic separating cheese slices (the cheese stinks 
but my children like it and I'm glad they do!). It is a little thinner 
than the thinner evergreen, but of course this one would do.

I used 3M Photo Mount spray; I sprayed both surfaces, waited a minute or 
so before joining. I then cut the plastic all around and sanded very 
carefully at the perimether. It doesn't add too much to the trailing 
edge and I'm satisfied with the result. I plan to mark the ribs with the 
double blade trick.

It isn't perfect because I was in a hurry to try it (a little less than 
2mm thick at the highest point instead of 1.3) but now I know it can be 
done and I'll do like this in all my vacs!

Some photos:

Comments, anyone?


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