[WWI] Visiting France, Where to go?

Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Sat Feb 10 15:46:09 EST 2007


There are a couple of great museums in Paris, one which can be combined
with arrival or departure from the CDG airport is Musee de l`Air et l`Espace.
(MAE for short) www.mae.org

Also if possible to work it into your plans, go to the Army Museum in Brussels.

If searching in "internetmodeler.com" can you find my modelers journey articles
for Paris and Brussels with what I hope is useful info.
(I am currently typing up another one covering a recent visit to Madrid.)

In general, bring more memory cards, camera batteries and money than you
and don`t try to cover everything in one week.
Check that the museums are open on the day you want to go.

I usually have a list of "most wanted" that I really want to see 
and a list of other museums or venues that I can go to in case 
what I had first on my list is closed or can not be reached on that day.
Think I have made three or four tries at seeing the WW2 exhibits in MAE 
- last time I was there couldn`t they open the gate because of too much wind. 

And if you don`t speak French, get yourself a little book with 
French words and phrases as you can run into people who don`t speak English.
Don`t care about pronounciation, if you gets understood is it good enough...

Knut Erik

>I will be visiting France for a week in May - specifically, Verdun, Somme,
>and D-Day areas.  Any recommendations for the former 2 areas regarding WWI
>aircraft?  Any other recommendations?  Thanks
>Kevin W.

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