[WWI] Visiting France, Where to go?

mikemuth at ptd.net mikemuth at ptd.net
Sat Feb 10 14:04:24 EST 2007

You lucky dog. I hope to do this some day and an interested in the replies.
There are a few books on the subject. I got one for Christmas called
"Airfields and Airmen of the Channel Coast" by Mike O'Connor. (Penn & Sword
Books Ltd. ISBN 1-84415-258-8). This is a type of guide book that shows some
then and now photos or superimposes "then" conditions on "now" photos. It also
gives directions on how to get to the locations. This volume goes from
Zeebruggee in the North to Oye, just S of Dunkirk....probably a little too far
North for what you want, but I bet there is another book in this
"Battleground" series that would help.
Mike Muth

KLW <winks147 at cox.net> said:

>  From an avid lurker,
> I will be visiting France for a week in May - specifically, Verdun, Somme,
> and D-Day areas.  Any recommendations for the former 2 areas regarding WWI
> aircraft?  Any other recommendations?  Thanks
> Kevin W.


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