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Sat Feb 10 13:55:50 EST 2007

Greetings Chris!
A lot of your questions have been answered, but here's my take on a few:

PC-10 color selections: I vary going from a US Olive Drab (a little too
greenperhaps) to RAF Dark Earth. This has the darker brown color I prefer. I
plan in the future to build an SE5a using Humbrol Chocolate. So often the
planes are referred to as being that color in the period writings that I
figured I'd give it a try. I tried once years ago and it looked OK until I
sprayed on a coat of Gloss from Model Master and totally crazed the paint job ;-((
Tire color: One of my favorite topics for color selections. I have been using
Light Gull gray or any version of "tan". I like the tan because it reminds me
of some of the tires I swear were on my grandfather's old truck. Probably just
a bad memory, but it conforms with the "pink to gray" theory. As for the pink,
don't go with that actual color. It looks too weird. The light tans take on a
pinkish hue to my eye.
French Nieuport 24/27s: I think there is a link on the main web page that Matt
Bittner set up showing the  best matches for the French 5 color camo scheme.
Middlestone is an almost perfect match for the "ochre" that is referenced for
the scheme. I like OD or Fokker Green (Polly Scale) for the dark green. As for
the chestnut brown, I finally decided on WW II French brown. If I ever get
around to updating my page, I did a nice Hanriot in 5 color camo.

Mike Muth 

Christopher Malany <cmm-saj at snet.net> said:

> Hello, List:
> After a long hiatus modeling just about everything but
> WWI a/c, I�ve come back to early warplanes with a
> vengeance, particularly RFC/RNAS machines.  Having dug
> out  accumulated books and references, and rapidly
> filling out my library, I still have some basic
> questions.  Your patient tolerance of a relative
> newbie, and your advice, are gratefully appreciated. 
> My questions:
> 1) Historically, how many different formulae were
> there for P.C. 10?  From Kenneth Munson�s books bought
> in childhood, I�d understood that P.C. 10 was composed
> of yellow ochre and lamp-black, with the ingredients
> mixed into nitrocellulose dope or linseed.  As I
> interpreted Munson, this formula could only yield a
> chocolate brown color, with any �green shift�
> attributable to the dope, lacquer or linseed medium. 
> Is this right, sort of right, or completely wrong? 
> For example, the very detailed margin notes Henry
> �Hank� Burden made around the photo of his S.E.5a
> C�1096 identified the upper surface and under fuselage
> color as simply �green,� which suggests P.C.10 could
> really look green.  I�m confused 
> 2) Can list members suggest any favorite mixes for
> P.C. 10 using Humbrol enamels?  I still have a few
> precious tins of their �Authentic Colours� RFC Khaki,
> but I�m going to need to start mixing P.C. 10 using
> their current paints.
> 3) What colors were aircraft tires?  Eduard suggests a
> pinkish-grey for their Nieuport 17, and various shades
> of light and medium greys seem common.  When did they
> start batching rubber with lots of carbon to produce
> our current greyish-black tires? 
> 4) Most WWI a/c have half-moon shaped footrests or
> stirrups on the fuselage sides, often simulated in kit
> form with nifty PEB pieces.  I assume these were
> actually cut outs; what were they backed with?  It
> looks like there should be a fabric bag, or at least
> gusseted fabric, but I haven�t found any illustrations
> of this detail.
> 5) Was P.C. 12 used on machines on the Western Front,
> or was it confined to the Middle Eastern theater?
> 6) Does anyone know the French camouflage colors used
> on RFC Nieuport 24/27s.  More generally, is there any
> decent one-volume monograph or study on WWI French
> paint finishes and camouflage?
> 7) A recent build by Neil Pinchbeck of Revell�s S.E.5a
> kit in SAMI v. 12 iss. 12 suggests that cockpit
> interior sides were finished in red oxide primer.  All
> my references for S.E.s and Sopwiths point to
> varnished and often stained wood finishes instead. 
> Any ideas on red lead primer?
> A long list of questions   Thanks in advance for your
> thoughts.
> Christopher M. Malany
> Stephanie A. Johnson


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