[WWI] DH 10 vac WAS: vac wings

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     I have the Eastern Star DH 10.  It has been vacuformed nicely and
should make an excellent model.  I haven't built my kit yet, but someday I
will.  I can't believe you have not built a vacuformed model.  You could
have fooled me.  I thought you have built a ton of them by looks of your
work that you do.  What are you working on?  I thought you would of had that
"Civil" Blackburn Kangaroo done by now! ;^)


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hi all,
many thanks to the responses to the vac wing question.
I, like others (Michael, Buz, etc), would rather work
in plastic than resin and have acquired several vac
kits, but have yet to build one. My projects thus far
have involved enough scratchbuilding and correcting
that I am certain I would (will) enjoy my first vac
build. I'm also betting that it will lead to others.
I received a DH 10 vac (in the ever so manly scale of
1/72) in the mail today; produced by Eastern Star in
'92 with masters by Joe Chubbock.
I can see what all the fuss about him is now, this kit
is absolutely beautiful! Two piece wings (upper and
lower halves) with very nicely done detail. Even the
cockpit bulkheads and floor are nicely detailed. I
can't wait to get started on this one, but I have many
others on the bench to finish first (all ot).
Anyone else have this kit?
cheers, tracy

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