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> Michael Said:
> >I tried this 2-blades business using #11 Exactos.  Bob Wheeler (VLE
> >told me to put 2 blades in a single Exacto knife handle.  It sort-of
> >but it's tricky because you have to hold the knife at just the right
> >for them both to go in equally. I prefer to simply "Eye-ball" it.
> I also tried 2 blades in 1 knife. Broke the part that holds the blades 
> trying to cram them in! Where did I go wromg? I was planning on
> the archives to find the solution but this might bw a better method.
> about taping 2 blades together without the handle and going from there :-)
> Rick G.
That is what I have done.  There is no problem holding the shanks of a pair
of #11 Exacto blades, and you don't need to exert much pressure.  I use the
pair for decal strips and thin 'battens' cut from .005" Evergreen sheet. 
My only complaint is that I can never quite keep down the 'wastage' between
parallel strips enough to satisfy the ghosts of generations of Scotsmen
screaming in my genes.

I just use the 'one light but firm stroke' method.  You don't want to cut
through the backing on the decals, and the styrene strips just 'pop' off
like vacuform pieces.

.Mark Shannon.
shingend at ix.netcom.com

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