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I've had this happen many times. It wasnt until years later reading
about super glue and how its really has problems with surfaces that
take stress from different directions. The lightbulb went on I was
sanding the ridges where the glue had been and squeezing them by
holding the fuslage, this would cause the joint to crack. On Resin
models I now use epoxy on those types of joins as well as superglue. 

On vacforms I do the same thing for wing joins etc. Its far stronger.

imho the best vacforms are by Dynavector... Of course I've never
built  any of there models I mean they would be the wrong scale and
era's....... ;)


--- Tom Mason <tom.mason at charter.net> wrote:

> Ivan,
> The models I did that had wing warp was done before the days of
> superglue. 
> They warped a few years after they were built.
> The only time I use superglue on plastic is when it mixed materials
> such as 
> photo-etch to plastic. I cannot understand using superglue to build
> a model, 
> it has no sheer strength. If you took the fuselage of a plane and
> squeezed 
> next to the glued seam it would pop loose.
> T.O.M.
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> > Tom Mason <tom.mason at charter.net> escribió:    >Since we are
> discussing 
> > vac wings. Do any of you put a spar in the >wings? I
> >>have used plastic in the past for a spar and the wing still
> warped, >which 
> >>is
> >>common in vac wings, at least in monoplanes. From now on I
> >thought I 
> >>would
> >>use brass tubing. I know that won't warp.
> >
> >>T.O.M.
> >
> >
> >  Hi Tom,
> >
> >  I think plastic cements develop a strong pull efect over the
> bonding 
> > surfaces that warps the wings, perhaps super glue can help
> there...
> >
> >
> >  Ivan
> >
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