[WWI] absent antipodeans

iban ibancorp at TDS.net
Fri Feb 9 15:23:07 EST 2007

Ivan Carlos Ruchesi wrote:
> iban <ibancorp at tds.net> escribió:    
>> ... >(hey, someone has to at least try to fill diego's shoes when he's on vacation)...
> That surely isn´t an easy task, I think...
> Ivan
not even a little bit. 

i'm afraid i have become quite dependent on the laughter from a couple 
of good diego-isms brightening my day.  i'm turning into a surly bastard 
now that his vacation is forcing me to quit this habit cold turkey. 

my sad attempt to make up for his absence is just a reflex to try and 
protect my family and colleagues from the bitter, humourless person i am 
quickly becoming.

humourless because he's not making me laugh.  bitter because to add 
insult to injury, he gets to take a vacation as well, and i don't!  it's 
bad enough he's not working.  it's twice as bad he might enjoy it!

iban.  (wondering what he's building, and hoping he's getting some 
quality wife and daughter time in as well)

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