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A number of years back I read an article about scratch building OT aircraft. 
The wings were made from clear Plexiglas. Black decal strips were put at 
each rib location. When you looked at it from below towards the light it had 
the translucency just like the real thing.

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> Hi All,
>  I almost missed this thread; as I normally only do vacforms and scratch 
> builds I have usually found that one thickness of material suffices for 
> 1/72 scale models. I use 40 thou styrene sheet for most wings but on 
> occasion for bombers or exceedingly lonspan wings I will sandwich a piece 
> of soft flower wire between a 40 thou tickness on top and 20 thou on the 
> bottom.(See IM Vickers Vildebeest build this month) I agrre with Dennis 
> that vacforms like the Rareplanes Gotha hold up extremely well over time; 
> one of mine is at least 16 years old and does not sag or warp with 
> age(unlike me!). I often create my own airfoil on 40 thou wings and have 
> found that the strength created in that process allows me to have 
> unsupported single sheet wings with spans of over 80 scale feet such as 
> the Short Bomber or Curtiss HS2L. All of these are 1/72 scale; 1/48 scale 
> is another kettle of fish. The best publication on all this is of course 
> Harry Woodman's Scale Models Aircraft in Plastic Card;
> my Bible!
>  Hope this helps.
>  Cheers,
>  Joel
> Tom Mason <tom.mason at charter.net> wrote:
>  Since we are discussing vac wings. Do any of you put a spar in the wings? 
> I
> have used plastic in the past for a spar and the wing still warped, which 
> is
> common in vac wings, at least in monoplanes. From now on I thought I would
> use brass tubing. I know that won't warp.
> T.O.M.
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>> >since the subject of vacs is being discussed...
>> what are your feelings about the lower side of vac
>> wings?<
>> Tracy, IMHO in 1/72nd scale a single thinckness wing looks fine. Conveys
>> some of the delicacy of the original. Only downside is it's hard to drill
>> and pin the lower wings because of the thinness of most vac wings in this
>> scale. In 1/48th and up, you need 2 surfaces to represent the airfoil.
>> Paul T.
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