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The models I did that had wing warp was done before the days of superglue. 
They warped a few years after they were built.
The only time I use superglue on plastic is when it mixed materials such as 
photo-etch to plastic. I cannot understand using superglue to build a model, 
it has no sheer strength. If you took the fuselage of a plane and squeezed 
next to the glued seam it would pop loose.

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> Tom Mason <tom.mason at charter.net> escribió:    >Since we are discussing 
> vac wings. Do any of you put a spar in the >wings? I
>>have used plastic in the past for a spar and the wing still warped, >which 
>>common in vac wings, at least in monoplanes. From now on I >thought I 
>>use brass tubing. I know that won't warp.
>  Hi Tom,
>  I think plastic cements develop a strong pull efect over the bonding 
> surfaces that warps the wings, perhaps super glue can help there...
>  Ivan
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