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The two vacs the wing warped where an Airframe Fokker E.V/D.VIII and an 
Airmodel Messerschmidt Me. 264 four engined bomber. Neither of these are 
single thickness.
I remember when vacuforms first came out there was a good number of articles 
in magazines about wing warpage due to the type of plastic used. I can see 
it not happening to Rareplane kits as there plastic seem quite rigid almost 
like injection molded plastic.

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> T.O.M.,
>    I have never added a spar to any of my wings and have never had any 
> warpage.  My oldest single thickness vac is the Rareplanes Gotha and the 
> wings are as straight as the day I built them.  It is at least 20 years 
> old. Same for my monoplanes.  No warpage.
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