[WWI] vac wings

iban ibancorp at TDS.net
Fri Feb 9 04:41:17 EST 2007

wot?!  doesn't that qualify as employee harassment, not providing a kit 
stash for you to fondle while you ponder difficult decisions at work?  
how's anyone supposed to think clearly without that, i ask you!

iban (hey, someone has to at least try to fill diego's shoes when he's 
on vacation)

Michael Kendix wrote:
> Errr... not really.  I don't have my vac bin at work.  I'll try to do 
> a few random sample measurements this evening when I get home.
> Michael
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>> care to hazard a guess at an approximate range, michael?
>> iban.
>> Michael Kendix wrote:
>>> It varies according to the maker.  The Roseplane ones are a decent 
>>> thickness - too thin and it'd be impossible to deal with.  Sierra 
>>> Scale too - thick but not too much - I could do with thinning the 
>>> trailing edges on those.
>>> Michael
>>>> what thickness of plastic sheet are vacs usually made of?  or does 
>>>> it vary completely?
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