[WWI] Roland CIIa

Mikko Saarela saarela.mikko at kolumbus.fi
Fri Feb 9 00:27:00 EST 2007

> Michael your right on colours..... However what we do know is one Roland 
> at least had curtains on the windows, not sure whether they were brown or 
> purple though ......

The curtains were, BTW, painted on the window. In Roland C.II datafile there 
is a photo of, presumably, the same a/c with one window opened.

For the camo, I'd go for brown and green. I think the green and mauve 
interpretation comes from the fact, that the very sharkmouth C.II with no 2 
on the tail was photographed in June 1917 so in theory it might have been in 
mauve and green. But how probable that is? (All this comes out of my lousy 
memory. Can't find the datafile right now)


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