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When I bought Airframe kits from him his business was called Burnaby's Hobby 
and Hardware. This was back in the 70's. These kits were so light that if 
you breathed on them they would blow away.

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> John Tarvin actually intended you to use double skinning on his wings, he 
> did not and still to this day doesn't like single skinned vacform wings. 
> To him they are unrealistic and don't reflect the true shape of the 
> aerofoil.  He and Ray Rimmel had an ongoing discussion / nit pick on this 
> for years. John would make his wings with two  skins and  Ray would say 
> they should be single skinned for more realism in his reviews. Airframe 
> ran from the mid 70's until well somewhere in the 80's. i got an airframe 
> S4 in the 90's from John since he knew i wanted to build this model. Some 
> of these models are by today's standards not up to par but for the time 
> they were all their was and John spent a lot of his spare time running 
> airframe and was as good as any of the other manufacturers at the time. It 
> was always a part time business and in fact he retired from the role of a 
> manager in a Department store to open his own hobby store Burnaby Hobbies 
> that is now mostly run by his son Dave.
> If you visit Burnaby Hobbies on the right day John will regale you with 
> lots of stories of models, his time in the RAF and all sorts of other 
> entertaining yarns. He and some of his buddies once entered a completely 
> faked Italian aircraft into the Vancouver IPMS show, to play a joke on the 
> judges. Only problem was they did such a good job they won there class and 
> didn't have the heart to let the secret out. The aircraft they invented 
> was called a Macchi Castrati
> If your ever in Vancouver his store is a wonderful place to visit and he 
> is a real character who has built everything from free flight in the 
> 1940's through Plastic aircraft and last I saw he was into RC Ships and 
> boats with real steam engines.
> if your ever in the Vancouver Maritime Model Museum on Granville island 
> some of  the models are his. Including a 12 foot  long HMS Hood.
> One of the things I hated about moving to Toronto from Vancouver was I 
> didn't have Burnaby Hobbies as my local hobby store anymore
> ray
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> Dennis:
>>     A company out of Canada in the 60's was Airframe.  They
>> are as thin as
>> paper and double thickness is an absolute must.  This company
>> was one of the
>> first vac companies in the world to the best of my
>> recollection.  They were
>> just a bare step above scratchbuilding.
> Airframe was much later than the sixties. They were produced by John 
> Tarvin
> of Burnaby Hobbies in the early to mid '80s.
> Andy
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