[WWI] vac wings

Tom Mason tom.mason at charter.net
Thu Feb 8 22:37:04 EST 2007

Since we are discussing vac wings. Do any of you put a spar in the wings? I 
have used plastic in the past for a spar and the wing still warped, which is 
common in vac wings, at least in monoplanes. From now on I thought I would 
use brass tubing. I know that won't warp.

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> >since the subject of vacs is being discussed...
> what are your feelings about the lower side of vac
> wings?<
> Tracy, IMHO in 1/72nd scale a single thinckness wing looks fine. Conveys 
> some of the delicacy of the original. Only downside is it's hard to drill 
> and pin the lower wings because of the thinness of most vac wings in this 
> scale.  In 1/48th and up, you need 2 surfaces to represent the airfoil.
> Paul T.

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