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Dennis Ugulano djuggie at comcast.net
Thu Feb 8 16:50:22 EST 2007

Since I build a lot of vacs, here is my two cents worth.

    I have found all of the English vacs, Rarepane, Formaplane, Libra, etc, 
to be of an excellent thickness.  I used to know the thickness but those 
brain cells have died.  Very easy to work with and they are all single 
thickness with a single cut for the bottom of the wing.

    VLE is too thin and I found it hard to work with.

    Sierra is good and I tried the double thickness on the Gotha WD-7.  Not 
worth the effort for the results.

    A company out of Canada in the 60's was Airframe.  They are as thin as 
paper and double thickness is an absolute must.  This company was one of the 
first vac companies in the world to the best of my recollection.  They were 
just a bare step above scratchbuilding.

    Roseplane wing blanks are the same thickness of the English vacs so I 
use them as single thickness wings.  Round stock on top for the ribs and a 
single cut for the bottom.

    Six of my builds last year were vacs and I am just finishing up another 
vac as we speak.

    Today we have the wealth of injection mold kits in plastic and resin. 
In the 80's vacs were the only game in town if you did not want to 
scratchbuild.  When Aeroclub and the other aftermarket companies came to be, 
life got easier for us vac people.  Now the Datafiles are coming out, my old 
vacs are looking better all the time.  Most of my early vacs were built with 
almost nothing as reference.  Life is good since I have probably 300 vacs on 
the shelf.


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