[WWI] vac wings

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 8 13:59:57 EST 2007

It varies according to the maker.  The Roseplane ones are a decent thickness 
- too thin and it'd be impossible to deal with.  Sierra Scale too - thick 
but not too much - I could do with thinning the trailing edges on those.


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>what thickness of plastic sheet are vacs usually made of?  or does it vary 
>iban (asking vacuous questions, because he has a vacuum in his head 
>regarding vacuform kits)
>Douglas Anderson wrote:
>>My experience with vac-form is 1/72. I left the lower wing as it looked 
>>thin enough. I have not built a 1/48 vac yet, so wouldn't bae able to tell 
>>you. I guess I might try and fill it out to give it more of a correct 
>>profile, probably with a filler.
>>tracy hancock <atlporkchop at yahoo.com> wrote:  since the subject of vacs is 
>>being discussed...
>>what are your feelings about the lower side of vac
>>wings? Do most of you leave them as is or do you fill
>>out the concave surface in some way? Any preferred
>>I'm somewhere in the middle, I like the representation
>>of the thinness of the wing, but think it doesn't
>>represent the proper profile of the actual
>>construction of the wing.
>>Does size matter? Would you leave it alone on a
>>fighter or two seater but do some adjusting on a
>>bomber wing?
>>Curious to hear some opinions.
>>cheers, tracy
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