[WWI] vac wings

iban ibancorp at TDS.net
Thu Feb 8 13:47:29 EST 2007

Grzegorz Mazurowski wrote:
> Tracy!
> As people wrote.
> One thing I can add, is, that Sierra Scale AEG G.IV bomber has winggs in two parts, bottom and top, which is justified with the size of the airplane.
> Speaking about undersurfaces, look at the most modern Roden or Eduard kits:
> the ribs are recessed on them! Fabric, attached to the ribs, was sagging
> between them 

interesting.  are there any photos to back this up?

> when the airplane was underground, 

ouch!  :-)  it's surprising the fabric was still on the wings at all, or 
the wings were still on the airplane, when it was underground.

thanks for the grins g.  i needed a laugh.  :)


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