[WWI] Phönix C.I progress

Buz Pezold pezo8481 at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 7 18:39:23 EST 2007

Michael and iban,

     I am very much a fan of vacuform kits.  True, you do have to be aware
of some moldings that are out there.  If it is a Joe Chubbock or Les Cooper
mold, it is then a safe bet you can make a decent model kit from their
offerings.  Sierra Scale should also be thrown in that mix as well, because
I find most of their kits are consistent in the molds.  For me the best part
about vacuform kits is doing the interior work of the fuselage.  You
definitely get a more realistic look around the cockpit combing.  Plus you
don't have to grind out the insides so you can put in all that cockpit
paraphernalia.  The only real knock on vacuform kits is that "after-market"
or "kit-spares" are a must for detailing.  But, Hey!  Everybody does that
with injected and resin kits anyway!  Right?


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