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Russian is a declensioned language, like Latin, German, and Finnish.  The
'ev' ending on a word indicates Genitive Plural case.  In other words,
Lebedev would mean "Of the Swans" so it would be, if I have it right,
"Joint-Stock Manufacturing Company Of Aeroplanes, V. A. Lebeds'"  Notice
the word "Vozdukhoplavana" ( of Aeroplanes) is the same case as Lebedev,
but feminine gender.  I think the usage of the plural for Lebed is because
of the joint stock, rather than saying there were a lot of Lebeds in
particular involved.

Mark Shannon
shingend at ix.netcom.com

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> >> Does anybody have any information of what Lebedev factory logo as worn
> >> the centre of Lebedev produced Nieuport 10 rudder roundel looked like? 
> >> The couple of images in the IRAS book by Durkota et al. show faintly a 
> >> small round device, ca. 10 cm, 3-4 inches in diametre in the middle of 
> >> roundel.
> >>
> >
> > Jan!
> >
> > I think you are looking for Lebed, not Lebedev logo. There was a V.A. 
> > Lebedev, who designed some flying boats, but the big company was Lebed
> > according to several sources including Red Stars 3. I think the Durkota 
> > book makes a mistake there.
> >
> > The logo is something inside a small, presumably red or black circle. A 
> > picture of a swan perhaps?
> >
> > Mikko
> >
> Durkota book makes no mistake here. I did. the combany was indeed 
> Aktzionernoe Obschestivo Vozdukhoplavana V.A.Lebedeva, 'V.A.Lebedev 
> Joint-Stock Aeronautics Company'. Lebed - 'Swan' - was the name of their
> a/c types. Thanks to Petri Sallinen for this information. He is the
> Finnish modeler, who originally asked the questiom about the Lebedev
> BTW, he's still looking for the logo. Just for sheer interest, even tho 
> there is no need to know what it looks like for decals in 1/72 or 1/48.
> Mikko 

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