[WWI] SPAD XIII Question

Matt Bittner matt.bittner at cox.net
Mon Feb 5 22:11:22 EST 2007

In looking over the Osprey book, the caption for Madon's color profile
states he flew an "early" XIII that had the fuselage overpainted
all-red.  With the upcoming Eduard release, I'm looking for another
option for the kit (since it's a dual-combo, and I'll build the other
one as flown by Jaques Roques, with the large "rooster" on the sides). 
I don't want to build Guynemer's nor the British machine (yawn!) and
I'm not too keen on Baracca's mount, either.

My question is this.  Osprey has a picture of one of Madon's XIII, but
it appears to be a later XIII, with the squared tips.  Any known photos
of his early XIII?  TIA!

For those who haven't visited the site, Eduard has the contents of the
XIII "early" release posted.  Pretty nice!  Since my first build was
the "non-profi" without the photoetch, it will be nice to get the p/e
to dress these up.

Matt Bittner

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