[WWI] Need scan of Sierra 1/48 SPAD A.2/A.4 instructions

iban ibancorp at TDS.net
Mon Feb 5 16:56:24 EST 2007

bob, i can't help you, but thank you for making my day.  i thot i was 
the only one who did things like that!

thank goodness your customers love you, eh?


Bob and Samantha Norgren wrote:
> Yep, can't find the master instructions to the SPAD Pulpit fighter. Alzheimers and poltergeists are probably responsible.
> So if anyone can scan and email the sheet at sierrascale at hotmail.com I would be eternally grateful.Bob Norgren Sierra Scale Models 1620 Bonnycastle Ave Louisville KY 40205 Phone: 502-451-3745 Web catalog -  http://sierrascale.com/ 

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