[WWI] Lebedev logo?

Jan Vihonen jan.vihonen at helsinki.fi
Mon Feb 5 11:25:07 EST 2007


> I think you are looking for Lebed, not Lebedev logo. There was a V.A. 
> Lebedev, who designed some flying boats, but the big company was Lebed - 
> according to several sources including Red Stars 3. I think the Durkota 
> book makes a mistake there.
Yep, I just translated the question from a third party without much 
thinking. And I noticed you have commented the same question (by Petri) 
on the Finnish forum already. There is a little decal project going on. 
Hence the need for the information.

> The logo is something inside a small, presumably red or black circle. A 
> picture of a swan perhaps?
Petri has got an educated guess from a Russian researcher/enthusiast, 
that the logo would be blue in colour. A swan is an excellent guess, 
though. As Lebed in russian means swan.


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