[WWI]Phönix C.I started/ was: Hernan Meza is out of the office.

Michael Kendix mkendix at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 5 10:05:26 EST 2007


Thanks.  I'm not certain if Erik has pictures of the interior of a Phönix 
C.I.  I see the pictures of the Phönix D.III on the site.  These are Ok but 
the C.I, beig a two-seater, may be configured differently.

Anything you have will help.


>From: "Grzegorz Mazurowski" <grzem at onet.eu>
>Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 11:01:17 +0100
> > I am planning on doing the light grey-dark grey scheme.  If anyone has 
> > information on this scheme and which serials 121.xx used it, I would be
> > pleased to hear from them.  My fallback is the 121.xx with the 5-point
> > on Americal-Gryphon's sheet, which I think has a blotchy-green finish on
> > upper surfaces and CDL on the underside.
>Sorry, I do not follow the list correspondence very carefully. Was the 
>question already answered? Part 7 of the O'Connor's C&C article about AH
>camouflages deals with the topic and I have these materials on my desk, can
>Speaking about the interior of the plane, I think that our Traveling
>Norseman Knut Erik Hagen has made photos of that plane, including interior,
>in Sweedish museum, but I can't find them in my collection.
>Please, let me know!

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