[WWI] Airfix hannover - was/ List Quiet or down??? TEST

iban ibancorp at TDS.net
Sun Feb 4 14:36:28 EST 2007

Michael Kendix wrote:
> Due to family visit, "I" am not getting any modeling done but my 
> 10-year-old nephew has built the Airfix Hannover CL.IIIA.  I fished 
> the kit out of the stash.  Part way through, he finds the interplane 
> struts for one of the sides is missing.  I said, "Well, just make it 
> as a monoplane."  But, no, while I am out of the room, he gets into my 
> stash of Evergreen rod and stuff, and scratch builds his own 
> replacements and cabanes.  Hmmm... the undercarriage is on now too - 
> just about done.  I did not give him much assistance either... I just 
> told him to follow the instructions, which were actually, more than 
> adequate.
> Michael 
hey, budding talent.  quick!  sign that kid up!  :-)

good to see the important things in life being passed on to the next 
generation, michael.

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