[WWI] Going spotty

Andy Bannister a.bann at ntlworld.com
Sun Feb 4 05:54:01 EST 2007

Finished putting all the roundels on my Eduard Nieuport using Americals
which look great and went on beautifully. I wish I could say the same for
the serials which I pieced together from their No. 1 squadron sheet. These
are printed quite horribly unfortunately and the red outlines are exactly
the same size as the black serials which means they disappear completely.
I'll have to attempt to enlarge the red outlines with paint - that should be
Anyway, as much as I prefer the centre dots in roundels to be printed
seperately, as Americal have done, I find my eyes start playing tricks on me
after a while and I just can't tell when they're exactly centred. Anyone
else have this problem? I was thinking of maybe scribing some concentric
circles in a piece of clear acetate to use as a guide for lining them up.
How do you guys deal with this? 
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