[WWI] Bristol M1C in 1/72 from Elf

dave fleming dave.fleming at dial.pipex.com
Sat Feb 3 19:00:24 EST 2007

Quoting Ivan Carlos Ruchesi <ivruc at yahoo.com.ar>:

> Michael Kendix <mkendix at hotmail.com> escribió:>My local vendor has a list
> from Nuremburg.  It includes a Bristol M1C 
> >"Bullet" in 1/72nd scale - finally!  I know there was very old Pegasus kit 
> >of it but Elf should be a step up from that.  Their Albatros Dr.1 is about 
> >US$23, so it won't be too expensive.

Was announced last year (along with ANOTHER Floh!), have to say I have been 
waiting for it ever since!


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